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Phil is Amazing

“..while with Phil I have found that he has taken very good care of my birds. Phil has even gone to the store to buy veggies fpr them to supplement their food when the food I had left has run out. Overall, Phil is a very caring individual that I will always trust with my darlings..”

Stoney Creek, Ontario

About Skippy's Pet Care

Phil & CEO
Phil and Skippy

Phil Collen, the owner of Skippy's Pet Care has been an animal lover and pet owner his entire life. He made the decision to professionally care for animals 8 years ago.

Phil not only looks after animals for a living but is also a volunteer at the Hamilton-Burlington SPCA.

It is important to Phil to keep educating himself and he has completed many Animal First Aid Courses, the most recent being the St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid Training in March of 2012. Phil is always upgrading his skills by attending courses and seminars.

Your pets are in good hands with Phil. He always puts your pet's health and safety first.